The Alabama Artistic Literacy Consortium has hired a State Coordinator


“I am honored to serve as the first State Coordinator of the Artistic Literacy Consortium. Through the partnerships of the Alabama State Department of Education, the Alabama State Council on the Arts, and the Alabama Arts Alliance connections and solutions will evolve. As a result of our combined efforts, fulfillment will permeate for all Alabama students and their communities.” Sarah Strada

Welcome Sarah Strada!

After six years working as a dance educator with the Mobile County Public School System, Sarah decided to leverage her full-time experience as a strength to advocate for equitable access to arts in our communities.

Sarah, a South Mississippi native, moved from Mobile to Montgomery in January 2019. She believes that her role as Artistic Literacy Consortium State Coordinator provides an amazing opportunity to use arts education to improve systemic conditions in Alabama schools. Her elementary and middle school dance teaching led her to serve on the Alabama Arts Education Course of Study Committee in 2016. That committee developed the current Alabama arts education standards. Collaborating with other arts education professionals instilled in her a commitment to improve Alabama Arts Literacy on as large a scale as possible. 

Sarah’s experiences as an educator in public schools cemented her understanding of prevalent obstacles faced by instructors, students, parents and administrators: all are tasked with creating positive learning environments with limited resources. Sarah has no doubt that a bright future is ahead if partnerships with one another are driven by the desire to implement the highest quality arts-connected learning experiences for Alabama’s students.

As State Coordinator of Alabama Artistic Literacy Consortium, Sarah is ready to make herself available to assist and inspire everyone in becoming champions of the arts.

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