The Florence Academy of Fine Arts


The Florence Academy of Fine Arts Dance Program is a unique program in the state of Alabama. It is strongly supported by the Florence High School administration, faculty, students and parents, and is embraced by the community in a 3 county area around Florence, Alabama. The program strives to educate, enlighten and challenge both its participants and audiences through the art of Dance.


The FAFA Dance Company represents he highest level of achievement in our dance program at Florence High School. Students are selected through an intensive week of assessment. Characteristics that we consider are technique, academics, and community involvement. These students embody our philosophy of dance. Aside from our traditional program, the FAFA Dance Company focuses on community service and college and career readiness. Our company travels frequently to obtain the highest level of training. Over the past 4 years our dance company has studied in New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Nashville, and Birmingham. Our intent is to give the students real-world training opportunities to further their artistic development. This past November our program participated in a service project for the Helen Keller International Foundation. This service project included an immersive study of the life of Helen Keller including movement research that stimulated kinesthetic awareness of the deaf and blind community. In conclusion, our concert piece “Helen” was created out of this experience.