Media Arts Creativity


Do you often feel there is simply not enough time in each class period to teach the group and then help individuals who need extra attention?

Are you finding that you might forget one or two details of a lesson as you present and RE-present the same lesson several times a day?

If these scenarios and other similar ones are familiar to you, then here is a solution: Attend SAIL and learn how to create your own 4 or 5-minute video(s) covering steps and standards that are important for student learning.

You can show them in class or upload them for students to view before they come to school. We even have a wonderful method where you won’t need Internet access: create video learning stations right in your classroom!


During SAIL Media Arts Creativity, you will learn the basics of simple video production that will save you time AND increase your students’ engagement with important content. Sign up today, and use code SAIL20 for a 20% discount.

About rodney Porterfield



About Nancy Brown


Rodney Porterfield was trained first as a conceptual artist, receiving a B.A. in ceramics and graphic design from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB); then as an educator, with an M.A from the University of Phoenix in elementary education. He has spent the past 8 years honing his skills as an art instructor, currently teaching at Pinson Elementary School.

 As a presenter, Rodney has helped teachers create and edit videos for use in their classrooms, and to upload them to social media websites, such as his creative and instructive art-making videos, as seen on He has also led workshops exploring student driven, choice-based art classrooms, helping students develop artistic skills while building on their individual talents.

 Noted for his high energy, positive attitude, and creativity, Rodney Porterfield believes that the arts can be used to support any curriculum and are the perfect vehicle to effect positive gains in student achievement.

Nancy Brown has a Master’s in Technology in Education from Lesley University
in Cambridge Mass. She is a former teacher who has taught subjects ranging from primary-level art to high school Spanish.

Most of her teaching career was spent teaching Gifted Education at the elementary level in both public and private schools. Her interest in Curriculum Development and Educational Technology has led her to leadership roles in training other teachers to become more proficient in using technology in their teaching. She spent several years as an Apple Educational Sales Consultant and Curriculum Solutions Specialist and has led workshops and seminars at technology and educational conferences across the South.

Nancy currently operates her own technology consulting and training company, called MicroConsultants, which specializes in working with educators, school systems, and university regional in-service centers, to help administrators and teachers across the country implement the use of current technology in their schools. She has also worked as a part-time Instructional Technology Coach for Hoover City Schools.

Nancy has worked part-time as a “Creative” (trainer) at the Apple Store in Birmingham for the past seven years. Nancy is one of the original team members for the Imaginative Learning Workshop, which started about 20 years ago. She spends her time when not working, playing with her six grandchildren and enjoying her new home in the woods.