Tech Track 2018

An Amazing Opportunity!

This summer the Alabama Arts Alliance is collaborating with the Shelby County Museum and Archives and  Shelby Iron Works to build a digital interactive experience. If you wish to be part of developing this exciting program, which connects to Alabama History and is part of Alabama's Bicentennial Celebration, please attend TechTrack. We are currently seeking grant funding to make it bigger and better than originally imagined. If that comes through, you have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and to be on the ground (and on the site) where it first began!

Experience Virtual Reality

People are constantly advising us to "think outside the box," but with Virtual Reality, there basically is no box. You are immediately transported to another world, with more creative possibilities than you might have ever imagined. Artist and innovator, Joe Birdwell, will be your guide to help you experience arts-related virtual reality, possibly for the first (but definitely not the last) time!

Create with Technology

Are you looking for educational uses for Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Video, Photography, Digital Drawing, Music, and more? TechTrack 2018 may be just the beginning, but it will set you off in directions to augment your and your students' creativity.